Social Studies

The learning standards, concepts, and skills in the History and Social Science Curriculum Framework are organized into grade level sets for Junior K, K and grades 1 through 7. Starting in grade 8 and continuing through high school, this framework presents learning standards, concepts, and skills for world history and United States history as well as for two senior electives, one in economics and one in civics and government.

social_studies_content.jpgThe learning standards, concepts, and skills describe what students should know and be able to do as a result of their studies in history and social science. The learning standards describe the knowledge of history, geography, economics, and civics that students are expected to acquire at a particular grade level. Examples of such knowledge are the location of the New England states, the meaning of the Declaration of Independence, the economic factors that drove exploration in the 15th century, and the causes of World War II. The concepts and skills sections are designed to enhance understanding and use of the specific content in the learning standards. Mastery of the concepts and skills will be assessed in the context of the knowledge specified in the learning standards, not independently.