Latino Community Liaison

José Rivera is the Latino Community Liaison.
 This is a city-wide position serving all of the Cambridge Public Schools.

What does the Latino Community Liaison do?

  • Works with Latino parents to improve the academic performance of their children, through home tutoring and modeling as well as the facilitation of communication with school staff.
  • Helps Latino families feel at home in Cambridge by providing moral support and understanding; pointing out the value and diversity that immigrants bring to this community; and providing families with information, so they can make educated choices about their children’s academic experience.
  • Provides support for liaisons, teachers, and administrators in helping Latino families across the city.
  • Serves as interpreter for Individualized Education Plans (IEP), parent-teacher conferences, workshops, and the registration process.
  • Attends and provides outreach for the Amigos Parent Council (APC) and supports the APC coordinators in their efforts.
  • Attends Amigos School Council and Staff meetings in order to stay informed and provide institutional support there.
  • Connects families to resources across the city (library, hospitals, housing).

Where does the Latino Community Liaison work?

  • In every school in the city when needed.
  • The Family Resource Center (459 Broadway, Cambridge) on Mondays (8AM - 12Noon) and Tuesdays (9:15AM – 1:15PM) or by appointment.

José’s telephone number is: 617.999.8472.