Mathematics / Matematicas

What We Are
mathWelcome to mathematics webpage at the Amigos School. We share the vision of the Math Department in Cambridge whose goal is to “assure learning experiences that create lifelong problem solvers who can collaborate, adapt, and adjust to a diverse and an ever-changing society”. Here at Amigos, we do this in two languages.

During the School Day
In JK-K students study mathematics using the workshop/station models and the teacher alternates between Spanish and English instruction weekly.

Students in grades 1 - 5 have the opportunity to learn mathematics in a dual language setting where the classes are instructed in English one week and in Spanish the following week with two dual language teachers using differentiated instruction. It is through the use of this model that our students experience learning mathematics and applying their thinking and understanding in both languages. This is an integral part of becoming bi-literate in our dual language program.

Our Upper Middle School is aligned to the Cambridge Public Schools Upper Schools and as such provides the same level of rigor and expectations set for learning mathematics in grades 6 – 8 by district math department.

After School
We offer an after school math program every Wednesday 3 to 4:30PM for grades 3 - 8 that focuses both on intervention as well as providing a place for students to explore and be challenged in their thinking and learning of mathematics.

The Amigos School learning community embraces the use of technology in math instruction. We participate in the math online Sumdog competitions. Any student from JK – 8 can use this online program. The math instructional coach selects all students’ math levels. We use data provided by teachers, parents, and other available sources. We are currently piloting the Symphony online math program, which could be used for intervention and/or enrichment.

We are consistently looking for programs that help our teachers support and challenge our students and move their understanding of mathematics forward.

Johanny Canada-Hlatshwayo
JK-8 Bilingual Math Instructional Coach

Contact Information
Email: Johanny Canada-Hlatshwayo
Phone: 617.349.6567 x220
15 Upton Street
Cambridge, MA 02140

Please visit the Cambridge mathematics department web site for more information.