Language Arts

grade_5_literacy.jpgThe English Language Arts (ELA) Curriculum at the Amigos School is based on the Language and Literacy Collaborative Framework in partnership with Lesley University. This framework is the instructional design for best practices in language and literacy teaching and learning in grades K-8. It provides a structure within which teachers can accommodate the varying needs of their students. It is a flexible framework that integrates the range of reading, writing, and word study activities essential for promoting literacy. It consists of three blocks (Language and Word Study, Reading Workshop, and Writing Workshop) built around a foundation of oral language. The teacher provides direct instruction through very specific mini-lessons and guided learning in whole group and small group settings. 

The Language and Literacy framework is particularly suited to a dual-language school, where teachers must take into consideration their students’ native and second language proficiency and tailor instruction to meet individual students’ needs.

The Literacy Collaborative is a professional development program based at the School of Education at Lesley University. In The Literacy Collaborative, teachers learn classroom strategies and activities that help develop students’ speaking, reading, and writing skills within a language arts framework and across the curriculum. In K-6, some of every school day is spent on Reading and Writing Workshops. The Literacy Collaborative reading program emphasizes phonological awareness, letter-sound correspondence, fluency and comprehension within the context of reading meaningful texts. 

As part of the Literacy Collaborative, the Amigos School has a “Literacy Coordinator” who participates in a training program at Lesley and collaborates with other Amigos School teachers to review and update literacy instruction as needed. The Center for Reading Recovery and Literacy Collaborative at Lesley supports the program with professional development opportunities and materials.

For more information on The Literacy Collaborative, please click here.