Spanish Language Arts in Middle School

Spanish Language Arts in the Amigos 6th-8th grade is considered a core subject with academic expectations and homework requirements equal to those of other subjects at the middle school level. It is scheduled and taught to all students for five periods a week. Spanish at this level continues to utilize the Literacy Collaborative framework as a model of instruction.

The Literacy Collaborative framework is the English Language Art’s curriculum, instruction and assessment program in grades K-8 in the Cambridge Public Schools. At the middle school level, listening, speaking, reading, and writing are previewed, viewed, and reviewed through a “workshop” model. The workshops include: reading workshop, writers workshop, and word study.

Both communicative and academic skills are developed and reinforced at higher levels to extend students critical thinking, comprehension, content vocabulary, and writing. There is a greater emphasis on thematic units that reflect students’ interests and experiences. As such, the language activities promote student talk and reflection as students continue to build their language competencies. While grammar is developed throughout the Spanish language curriculum at Amigos, there is an increased emphasis on students’ ability to utilize correct Spanish grammar, both orally and in writing. Explicit grammar activities are embedded in language lessons and taught through reading and writing. Amigos students, therefore, are well prepared for the transition to the Spanish as a foreign language program at the high school level.