From the Principal

Welcome to King Open School. The King Open School is an inclusive community that is committed to academic excellence and social equality.

First and foremost we have high social and academic expectations for our students. These expectations are nurtured in a school environment in which classroom teachers work extremely hard to create and sustain classroom communities that are respectful, culturally sensitive and responsive so that all students can access the curriculum. Through thoughtful, individual and team-based collaboration we work hard to set the stage for student learning via instructional planning, school wide implementation of instructional initiatives/frameworks, progress monitoring and data analysis. Our goal is to frame teaching and learning around the social-emotional and academic needs of our students. Progress monitoring and data analysis also informs school-based professional development so that our teachers have the opportunity to reflect on their practice, deepen their content knowledge and learn more as well as improve upon existing instructional practices. Additionally, we hone what we believe to be best practices among experienced and supportive educators who willingly open their classrooms to both administrators and teachers for collegial observations. This instructional openness is just one of the King Open practices that places teaching and learning at the center of what we do as it leads to bringing school staff together to discuss/reflect upon/modify the curriculum and plan learning activities that benefit students.

The King Open’s commitment statement reads, “The King Open is committed to increasing every student’s ability to monitor her or his own learning, to recognize the role of effort in learning and to work and succeed independently as well as cooperatively.” Through differentiation and academic rigor, we provide our students with a well-rounded education that will enable them to develop critical and flexible thinking capacity, collaboration skills and a work ethic that will prepare them for becoming productive citizens. We know that this commitment cannot be fully realized without the support of our families. Therefore, participation and feedback from parent/guardian/caregiver(s) is welcomed, and we are also committed to ensuring that all of our families are deeply connected with their child’s learning and the happenings in our school community.

In closing, positive attitudes and perceptions influence teaching and learning. Here at the King Open we believe that it is our shared responsibility to maintain and cultivate positive attitudes and perceptions as we work together to create school assignments and plan activities. An authentic respect for diversity as evidenced by a sincere effort to learn about our students and to include in our day-to-day routines culturally responsive pedagogy, will have a huge impact on creating/sustaining a safe, orderly and high achieving school community. We create opportunities for our students to acquire and integrate; extend and refine as well as use content meaningfully so that they have the skills needed to actively explore and investigate the ever-changing world. Finally, looking at student work and assessment data will aid the King Open staff in making informed decisions about instruction in an intentional effort to close gaps in student learning and dramatically increase student achievement.

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