Guiding Our Children Online

Guiding Our Children Online
Posted on 03/02/2015
InternetThe Internet is a wonderful, expansive and potentially dangerous world. We need to know where our children are going on-line, with whom they are talking and what they are doing--just as we demand of them in person.

There is an abundance of research, that being on-line makes people less inhibited and more willing to say and share things they never would in person. This is absolutely true for our children, too. Children take far more risks on-line than they do in person. And it is often not because they don't know what they are doing or that they don't know with whom they are communicating. Children are "digital-natives" in that they are very comfortable on digital devices and are very savvy to how the technology works. However, their brains are still only however old they are and so their judgment is often greatly lacking when it comes to on-line behavior. The use of social Internetmedia is rampant among all segments of society--our children are no different. It is critical to help them navigate this exciting and fun media responsibly.

We would never give our child the keys to the car and say, "I trust you. Be careful and use good judgment. You know what our family believes in." It should not be any different with the Internet. Our children need our supervision and guidance.

If you have questions or would like assistance in navigating this tough parenting challenge, please feel free to reach out to Sarah Miller, School Counselor.
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