Kaleidoscope with Sam Martinborough and Mssng Lnks Inc.

Kaleidoscope is a collaborative program designed for middle school and junior high students which promotes cultural and historical exploration through vocal music. Throughout the year, students explore cultures represented by the student body as well as other cultures, receive high quality vocal instruction, cover a varied repertoire, perform in-school shows and take part in inter-school musical interactions.

Collaborative Classrooms
Kaleidoscope works with classroom teachers to enhance and expand particular aspects of the classroom curriculum. This interdisciplinary approach helps to solidify and deepen students’ understanding of themselves and the world around them. Ideal collaborative subjects include social sciences, language arts, biology and the arts.

From the Classroom to the Stage
Performing on stage, students learn skills such as forming a stage presence, overcoming stage fright, developing the “speaking” voice and learning about articulation, learning performance etiquette, developing memorization skills and acting methods.

A World of Song Choral Festival and Competition
This inter-school competition and festival allows students to hear and perform for other choirs of their same age group while also receiving professional feedback on their performances. Students compete against a standard rather than each other. All groups win a “gold medal” or “certificate of merit.” Rehearsals and performances create a bonding experience within the group.

The Stage and Beyond
Experiencing live performances provides students with a model and gives them the opportunity to begin to understand what makes a performance successful. Interacting with vocal artists from various backgrounds and cultures allow students to learn about different careers, while also providing important role models for the students. Students see performances by minority college vocalists and participate in field trips to opera performances.