Discovering Justice

Discovering Justice is an innovative curriculum on laws, rules and justice currently taught in Amigos School grades 1 and 2. The idea for Discovering Justice came from Nonnie S. Burnes, an Associate Justice of the Superior Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Inspired to help young students understand the system of rules that enable people to live together in communities, and as a parent herself, Judge Burnes knew that such rules and values are best learned when families and schools work together. In this way, Discovering Justice has evolved as a curriculum that teaches children about history through the lens of their own experience.

Discovering Justice presents students with many opportunities to learn and talk about aspects of our history and justice system. The challenge for young students to understand that different circumstances demand responses specific to the situation and that “equal” does not mean “exactly the same.” Students are presented with opportunities to discuss issues of justice in their own lives, their communities and their country.

Grade 1 explores the question – What is a rule? By examining the Golden Rule: the way we treat others. In grade 2, students develop their own personal understanding of justice and its place in society through the theme of Justice for All. Field trips to the James St. Clair courthouse are designed to extend the civic concepts learned during the year. Grade 1 participates as jurors in the “Teddy Bear Trial,” and grade 2 participate in an interactive, naturalization ceremony.

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