The Amigos school has a sequential music program for students in K-4th grade with students performing music, creating and responding to music in music class through singing, expressive movement, reading, writing and playing instruments. Music class includes traditional folkloric dances, songs and rhymes from the world over with an emphasis on music in Spanish as well as recordings of traditional and contemporary music. Students begin the literacy process by thinking in musical tones, rhythms, beats in their weekly music class. 

Beginning in the 4th grade, students learn to play a set of songs on the recorder, which helps to prepare them to make a choice of instruments or chorus when they reach 5th grade. The first several weeks of grade 5, students choose two instruments to explore from the voice, woodwind, brass or string families. At the end of those weeks, students are placed in one of the instrumental classes and remain in those instrumental groups throughout 8th grade. Each year the chorus and instrumental students perform a winter and a spring concert during the school day.

If you follow this link you can learn more about what music class looks like at our school and how one teacher embraces culture and song in order to strengthen our community.