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Computer and Technology Lab

Primarily the Computer Lab supports and enhances the classroom teacher’s curriculum in math, language arts, science, and research. Specialists also use the Lab with students to support classroom learning.

  • Access: All classes and students, JK through 8th grade, use the Computer Lab. Primary grades tend to use the Computer Lab on a weekly basis while use by the middle school varies around classroom projects. Middle school staff can schedule Computer Lab time several times per day or several times per week depending on the research project.

  • Hardware: In addition to the Computer Lab and some classroom computers, Amigos School owns digital still and video cameras and an overhead document camera/projector which is available to staff to support classroom projects. The middle school also has access to 24 iBook laptop computers connected to our wireless network for use in classrooms. Middle school math and science teachers also have a Teamboard and a Smartboard.

  • Software: JK, Kindergarten and 1st grade classes use the Computer Lab to develop basic computer skills such as hand eye coordination with the computer mouse and navigation of  the operating system using rudimentary graphic, word processing and math software programs. Grades 2 through 5 use the Computer Lab to support classroom activities including accessing on-line databases for research, word processing, math skills, MCAS prep and keyboarding. Grades 6 through 8 use the Computer Lab to support classroom projects through on line research and word processing. During the year, middle school students will create WIKIpedia web pages for both science and social studies projects. Additionally, these students use on-line and networked software applications to practice keyboarding and to practice and reinforce math and language arts skills in preparation for MCAS.

When possible, the Computer Lab provides software and on-line access in Spanish and English. Many computer projects are in both languages.

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